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The franchise scheme is designed for entrepreneurs with passion for children, and excellent business sense. With our excellent support staff and system, we will help fast track our franchisee’s performance and growth. We will work to motivate them, and help them innovate and create wealth within their community.

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Meadow Hall Branchise is a subsidiary of the Meadow Hall Group. The aim of the Company is to manage the business expansion of the group by setting up branches for Meadow Hall School in strategic locations, manage the Spring Meadow franchise programme and to oversee all the operational strategies that are critical to the success …

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Our Mission

Our mission is to set up branches of Meadow Hall school and to franchise the Spring Meadow centres in order to spread best practices and reach more children in Nigeria and beyond. To equip them with the best of education and life skills that will enable them excel in the 21st century. To ensure that …

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