As the world becomes global, it also becomes smaller. There is a consistent requirement for our children to be multilingual or at least bilingual. Our language centre provides such an intimate community that will help children improve their language acquisition, knowledge and development. Our incidental coaching program, will explore and focus on varied realistic situations with a combination of fun activities to enable the children improve specific language skills.

What do we Offer

From Mandarin to French and all the major Nigerian Languages i.e, Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo, the programme has been designed to be highly interactive. To ensure full immersion in the target language, active debates, phonics sessions and translation spots have been created to help test for fluency and improve participants’ proficiency in listening, speaking and reading.

Beyond building the capacity of the children to process and produce speech in their language of choice, the Language Centre has been further positioned to cater for and prepare them for Professional exams (e.g DELF) as well as provide guidance on official language test development and enhance their academic experience.

Excursions will be arranged in order to expose the pupils to the native speakers of the various languages. (Appropriate for Children from age 3 upwards)