The Cafe offers a great atmosphere for book worms and book lovers alike. The Cafe caters to every electronic book source (Kindle, Online books, DVD’s, CD’s e.t.c) while there is provision for supervisory support for the children as they use the internet. Beyond the myriad of books on our shelf for purchase, the Cafe provides the opportunity to enjoy the ‘borrow-read-return’ structure and the privilege of enjoying first access to new books.

This exposure to a bouquet of books expands the minds of the children and stretches their imagination as they are consistently stimulated intellectually while doing what they enjoy-READING!!! The opportunity to develop creative writing skills, create their own books, analyze and discuss plots, theme, characters and structure, develop and expand their vocabulary base and share memorable experiences with Parents is limitless. (Appropriate for 5years and above)

The Reader’s digest club also exist for our young ‘Readers’. (Under 5’s)