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Initial Review

Applications will be reviewed by the Meadow Hall Branchise team and we will contact you once we have reached a decision.

Franchise Team

Receive and review Franchise documentation Package. This will provide every prospective franchisees with information about the Meadow Hall, the franchise system and the agreements that will be required so that you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Financial Review

Meadow Hall Branchise will conduct credit check and financial review.

Due Diligence

Meadow Hall Branchise conducts due diligence on Prospective franchisees.

Territory Selection

Prospective Franchisees are to select territory and submit business plan for review.

Site Review

Provide proof of assets/site for review.

Final Review

Meadow Hall Branchise – Senior Management review documents.


Final Approval for Franchisee to start the Centre(s).


Signing of Franchise Agreement by Meadow Hall Branchise and the Prospective franchisee.


Begin franchise Training & Employee induction.


Opening of Centre.